Design Booster Day 4: Highlights

On the last day of Design Booster, we welcomed Liz Rosenthal as a guest coach, who guided our participants on the Finance and Partnership aspect of their projects.

On Day 4 of Design Booster, our participants got to chance to work with Liz Rosenthal, the Founder and CEO of Power the Pixel (PttP), an organisation that supports the film and media industries in their transition to a digital age, and work on the financial aspects of their projects.


After a morning of introduction to Finance and Partnerships and gaining deeper understanding on partnership proposal and creating finance strategy, the participants took the afternoon to work in teams to come up with their partnership proposals, and map out finance strategy by pairing up with other teams.

On the last part of the day, the participants took their turn to present their strategies to the group with the presence of Liz Rosenthal. The follow-up feedback session allowed participants to improve their proposals and partnership approach.

We would like to thank to all of our participants, coaches and guest coaches, who helped us immensely to conclude another great Booster. See you all at Code Booster in Leipzig, Germany!

Code Booster is the final !F Lab workshop. Set over five days, Code Booster is an inspiring mix of talks and tutorials from a consistent group of coaches and innovators in media-rich storytelling, plus exploration, testing and development of your own interactive factual story idea. Don’t miss out, and register here.

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