Your coaches

These three experts in interactive factual storytelling will be present at each Booster, guiding you through each development phase. Boosters also feature inspirational sessions with digital makers and special guests with expertise in finance, budgeting, distribution and pitching.

Sandra Gaudenzi


Sandra is a mentor and advisor for new interactive factual projects.  She curates a monthly Meet up for i-docs makers based in London and co-devised !F Lab with iDrops, a company driving forward social innovation and digital training. She also co-convenes i-Docs, a conference dedicated to interactive documentaries.

Sandra is currently designing the first UK MA in Interactive Factual Narrative for Westminster University (disLAB - starting September 2017).  She is a Senior Lecturer at Westminster University and a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of the West of England, with an interest in interactive documentary, participatory practices, UX in i-docs, transmedia storytelling, locative experiences, games for change and virtual reality.

Sandra began her career as a television producer, before moving into interactive television and teaching at the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London).  Her PhD, The Living Documentary: from representing reality to co-creating reality in digital interactive documentary is available online. Sandra blogs at

 Mike Robbins


Mike Robbins is Creative Technologist and a partner at Helios Design Labs, where he has been for the last 15 years. He oversees the interactive part of Helios' creative output.

Recent storytelling projects that he has worked on include The Disaster Resilience Journal with the European Red Cross, Highrise with Kat Cizek and the NFB, Offshore with Brenda Longfellow, 17,000 Islands with Thomas Østbye and Edwin, World Online Orchestra with the Copenhagen Phil among others.

His work has collectively won a number of major awards and nominations, including a Peabody for Short History of Highrise, an Emmy and has been featured in such venues as IDFA, Sheffield DocFest, smartFip@, Bristol iDocs, MIT Docubase and other. Mike studied visual Arts at York University in Toronto and picked up his computer skill on the job at Helios.

 Jamie Balliu

Experts from previous editions:

Clint Beharry (US), Creative Technologist at Within
Liz Rosenthal (UK), founder of Power to the Pixel, digital film and media expert
Wim Forceville (BE), founder of FisheyeVR and independent VR Producer
Paul Tyler(DK), Strategic Advisor and Story Developer
Reem Haddad, Senior Producer at Al Jazeera and director of Life on Hold (interactive web documentary)
JoAnne Yates (US), Professor aan MIT Sloan School of Management
The Tactical Tech collective (DE), a non-profit that does practice-based research about the political and societal role of technoloogy in our lives
Nonny de la Peña (US), journalist and creator of Hunger in LA (immersive journalism project)
Sabine Lange (FR), ARTE Strasbourg
VRT (BE), R&D team, the national public-service, Dutch language broadcaster of Belgium