On the last day of Design Booster, we welcomed Liz Rosenthal as a guest coach, who guided our participants on the Finance and Partnership aspect of their projects.

Design Booster

Another productive day at Design Booster is over. We are approaching the end of another Booster, find out what our participants did during Day 3 of Design Booster, and how far they have come with their projects.


We’re now half way through Design Booster, as we have concluded the Day 2 yesterday on an insightful note. We welcomed Paul Tyler of Handling Ideas as a guest coach to help our participants to improve their user journeys. Last but not least, we were also happy to have Calle Tuvesson from Odd Hill help us develop ideas on storytelling.

Design Booster

After a successful Story Booster in May, the much anticipated Design Booster’s finally kicked off yesterday in Malmö, Sweden. 


So far we have covered all the details from Story Booster Day 1, 2, 3, and now it’s finally the time for Day 4 – the final day of Story Booster. Allow us to bring you all the details from WebDox, the conference of the year that we’ve been all waiting for! Shall we? 

What happened during the Day 3 of story Booster? To say the very least, it was full of inspiration- observing the growth of our participants’ projects as we are approaching the end of Story Booster is what makes us all excited, and we can’t wait to see how it will all turn out tomorrow on Day 4.

Wonder what we were up to on the Day 2 of Story Booster? With High energy and creativity in the air, we were on a roll…

If we were to describe the first day of Story Booster in one word, we would say it was inspiring. Coming together with all of our creative participants with different backgrounds on a platform where they were both the teacher and the student was incredibly exciting.