What is !FLAB

What is !F Lab?

!F Lab is Interactive Factual Lab - a guided development process for the next generation of storytellers.  It is a space for new ideas, experimentation and coproduction across digital and creative forms. The output could be an app, a game, a VR project, a web-docs or something still to be invented. We bring you step by step from ideation to prototyping your projects.

  Design Booster  Design Booster  

!F Lab is where code meets storytelling, walking the unmapped territory between documentary, journalism, social communication and web design.

 !F Lab is an iDrops initiative led by Sandra Gaudenzi and delivered with support from Creative Europe. It consists of a 5-day Story booster, during which you develop your project idea, and a 5-day Prototype booster, during which you build your actual prototype. During, in between and after the boosters you will be guided by our team of expert coaches.


What is interactive factual storytelling?

‘Interactive factual storytelling’ is any project that starts with an intention to document ‘the real’, and aims to do so using digital interactive technology.  You may also hear us referring to them as IF narratives or interfactuals.

We have chosen to use this terminology in !F Lab -  rather than the other common names: i-docs, or webdocs – to be inclusive and acknowledge that this genre is broader than documentary only.

Our aim is to create a neutral space, where all platforms and formats are equal, to explore one question: how can we communicate our factual stories, today, using interactive media?

If you need some examples, take a look at this playlist curated by Sandra Gaudenzi for MIT’s Docubase or browse !F Lab’s Resources for inspiration.


Why !F Lab?  Why now?

We have been developing our own methodology and work processes, and this makes us unique. We go beyond inspirational talks, we “make” with you.

!F Lab begins from the understanding that the genre has not yet developed a production language of its own.  The emphasis is on learning through practical experimentation and the freedom to explore ideas unhindered by prior bias or assumption.

Rather than borrowing ill-adapted methodologies from documentary formats, !F Lab seeks to merge complementary elements of idea development in design and storytelling into an original process, placing the user firmly at the control panel.