Story Booster

1/ 8 May - 12 May 2018
Riga - Latvia

What is your story, why is it interactive and who is it for? Start drafting your first project treatment with us!

Story Booster is the first of our two workshops. During five days we will work together to consolidate your story and test its strength. Does your idea have legs? Is there a clear value proposition for the user? What should its platform and shape be? Is it feasible technically and financially? You will be coached by our dedicated !F Lab trainers and benefit from the input of guest speakers and international experts in the field.

At Story Booster you will:

Learn about user-centred storytelling

- put your user at the controls!

Apply this to your project

- make user personas, user flows and wireframes

Develop your idea

paper prototype from an early stage

Learn the theory

tutorials in interactive design and story dynamics

Hone your idea

practice your elevator pitch


Brainstorm with other teams, work and re-work your idea with your own team

Test your ideas

present them to others

Think about finances!

Do your business canvas and assets maps from day one.

Guiding you through all the essential areas of idea development, Story Booster and Prototype Booster enable you to gain skills in story ideation, prototyping, user testing, user experience, budgeting, interface design, agile development, coding, digital strategy, pitching, funding and marketing.

Take a look at our Liveblog for a taste of !F Lab 2017!

To get the most from !F Lab you need to participate to both the Boosters, as this guides you through the entire process and entitles you to professional mentoring between events. However, if you want to join us without a project, you can attend one Booster only. Contact us to discuss your specific case.

How much does it cost?