2017 May

Today we have dessert before lunch. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, right? #TestingPaperPrototype

iflab2017_IMG_0956 iflab2017_IMG_0973 iflab2017_IMG_0947 iflab2017_IMG_0930 iflab2017_IMG_0967 iflab2017_IMG_0978 iflab2017_IMG_0982

Day 4: Happiness is only one paper prototype away.

 iflab2017_IMG_0880 iflab2017_IMG_0883 iflab2017_IMG_0862iflab2017_IMG_0739

Day 3: Wireframing is always a good start of the day.

 iflab2017_IMG_0779 iflab2017_IMG_0823 iflab2017_IMG_0898 iflab2017_IMG_0763 iflab2017_IMG_0859

Second day of !F Lab Story Booster in short: oranges in VR, yoga with a view, and a whole lot of processing.

iflab2017_8 iflab2017_6 iflab2017_16 iflab2017_21 iflab2017_23

VR Gent-1 VR Gent-23 VR Gent-12 VR Gent-7 VR Gent-5VR Gent-2

It was so great to see you all in Virtual Reality! @ VR for Change


Excellent start of our first day @ !F Lab!